Aloe Armor

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  • Wait what if I wanna be you waffle instead of your waifu? How do I apply for that then?

    send me a booty pic with syrup on ur booty and send it to me and i’ll think about it 

    Where does one apply to be your waifu??

    Asked by Anonymous

    submit a photo and i will see if you qualify 

    who u gonna cop as waifu?

    Asked by Anonymous

    a kagome one if i can find one 

    Lmfao ur so cute

    Asked by Anonymous

    thank you, salute

    Aloe taste do nasty why you fuck with it so much, for the visuals?

    Asked by Anonymous

    cause aloe is universal.  and i love it and it helped me when niggas had burns and shit 

    and pineapple aloe is fire nigga!

    can we se ur face someday ?

    Asked by Anonymous

    when i have facial hair yes.

    i’m currently flexing with 4 chin hairs 


    Some kid on ig named dadoftheyear_ pretending to be you

    Asked by Anonymous

    lmaoooo i’m looking at this creepy ass nigga right now

    You're bomb . Enough said

    Asked by Anonymous

    Thank you :) salute

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