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Masuku Klan.
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  • I gotta a lot of girlfriends. they just don’t know they my girlfriends you feel me.  

    boii if you dont stfu and have confidence MASAKU KLAN UPPP MY NIGGA

    Asked by shinxbi

    Lmfaoooooo!!! io do bruh!

    Man keep it real. I’m just tryna live alone with hella Lizards and plants..

    ur music is tiiiighhhhtttt

    That’s my boi RARE AKUMA track  lol my music is okay lol

    shoutout to everyone who’s been with me.

    i know 500 isn’t much, but it’s something.

    i hope you all enjoy this track,

    people who have been with me since “RoseWater” might remember this ;)

    i love you all <3

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